Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents – Case Study

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Hyper Local Marketing – Cogent Realty Of NYC

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local marketing is perfectly aligned with the new algorithm change by Google called Hummingbird. If you are unfamiliar with Hummingbird click here. Hyper Local marketing is without a doubt, the most effective way to attract new customers for real estate agents. Cold calling and networking, the staples of marketing for real estate agents, becomes turbo charged with a hyper local marketing strategy.

The Cogent Realty of NYC Hyper Local Marketing Strategy

Mitch Waldman is the owner of Cogent Realty in NYC. Cogent specializes in commercial office leasing in downtown New York and mid town with a focus on tenant representation. His target market are companies with office space requirements ranging primarily from 1,000 – 15,000 square feet. Though Cogent has the expertise to handle large projects, it becomes very tough to compete against the large commercial companies for big corporate accounts.

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Utilizing a blog, the goal with Hyper Local Marketing is to post very in depth information on his blog about the his target market. The goal is to become a giver of valuable information as it applies to specific geographic locations in NYC.

Information about the market downtown or uptown is easy to find anywhere. But how about the market for Class A or B space near Penn Station as it compares to similar space 10 blocks south near  a neighborhood called Penn South or near Chelsea Park. To a commuter, an office location near Penn Station might be valuable. To someone who lives in Chelsea, an office near Chelsea Park might be a top consideration.

This kind of information is extremely valuable and a great way for Cogent to brand themselves as the best information resource for companies looking for “The Right Space at The Right Price”, the Cogent Realty slogan.

The reason Hyper Local marketing for real estate agents is so important is that consumers are continually searching for in depth information as it pertains to what they want. Google has rewritten their algorithms to respond to consumer demand. Online search is consumer driven marketing. Consumers, like you and me, search for what we want. When we find it we stick. This is what converts to new customers and sales. It’s a game changer.

Hyper Local Marketing for Real Estate Agents following the formula that Google has designed also becomes your social media strategy. For example, Cogent could write a blog post titled Office Leasing Prices Per Square Foot near Penn Station and Chelsea Park NYC or Office Leasing in Loft Buildings For Technology Companies Near Union Square NYC. These 2 titles have a tremendous amount of opportunity for Cogent to attract new clients.

  1. Google Rank – Both titles have numerous keywords and geographic places. Each blog can be found from deep searches many ways. 1 Effort – Exponential Results. The Google Algorithm change makes hyper local marketing for real estate agents an unprecedented opportunity.
  2. Social Media – Each Title is a social media message. Work your blog with niche phrases. This will boost your brand. Word of mouth is powerful marketing but always start with what works on Google first. This is where most people fail with social media. They don’t have a plan and make nothing but white noise.
  3. NicheQuest Formula – This course teaches how to get those pages ranked on Google. You may already be making the effort without results. This course shows how. Click Here NicheQuest Formula

Hyper Local Marketing for Real Estate Agents – Commercial and Residential

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

The opportunities are huge and untapped for either residential or commercial. It doesn’t matter where you are located whether NYC or Aspen Colorado. Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents applies to all property types. Luxury homes, 2-4 family homes, apartments, condos, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, NNN investment properties. All you need are the right tools and knowledge and you can definitely become a top producer in your market. The opportunity is wide open.


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    Nicely written article – short yet concise. Going local is truly effective when it comes to one’s online marketing ways. And yes, it must be emphasized on its varied professions such as commerce, real estate, finance etc.

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