How to Build a Local Business Empire Then Go National

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You ever see someone with extraordinary success and wonder, “Why Not Me?”

They don’t seem smarter or better looking than you. You might even have a better personality than they do.

So why them and not you? The simple reason. Your plan. 

Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow RichIn best seller “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, the author got his inspiration from steel baron, Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie believed anyone can become rich with the right plan.

First, you must know what you want, then create a definite purpose followed by passion and persistence.

Story About Pinks Concrete Design – Local to National

One of our clients started a website to generate leads in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The site is The owner, Dan DiLeonardo, specializes in decorative concrete flooring. This is a growing niche that solves many problems for home owners and commercial property owners.

First, we targeted the market in Greenwich, Connecticut for basement floors and garages. Then, we expanded keyword ranking to target retail stores, restaurants and offices.

After a few months, more leads came in than Dan could handle. So he started working with competitors who needed leads. Dan started handling the leads plus technical and customer support.

He profited on each project. It’s a win/win. Dan makes money. Contractor makes money, and customer gets awesome customer support.

We next expanded exposure on Google to cover a larger geographic area. More leads came in. Dan builds his network providing a valuable service to contractors and customers.

Pinks Decorative Concrete ContractorWe then created a website targeting Boston then Maryland, Virginia, Miami and recently Dallas.

Every market produces the same results. Dan is building his national network one local market at a time. He found a niche.

During the past year he started another website providing products for maintaining or coating floors. The website,, sells private label flooring epoxy, sealers and specialty waxes.

Dan found another niche. The Pinks name resonates with home owners. Now Dan is developing his first site called Pinks Home Services. Dan fields the leads and works with local contractors to complete the projects.

How Can You Replicate This Business Model?

First, it’s the power of the internet enabling entrepreneurs to reach consumers that otherwise would be impossible.

Dan “gets it” with the internet, where few of his competitors do.

To build your empire, start with the mindset techniques in this blog here.

The mindset formula works. Start there. That’s where you develop a habit of targeting what you want with SMART goals.

It’s imperative you develop the right mindset to ignite your journey. It’s not enough to just think it. It must be crystalized into an action plan.

The next step is to research your niche. Then apply that research to your daily mindset exercise.

How to Select Your Niche

5 Why's to Solving Your Business Problems

It’s very difficult to start with a national strategy. It takes a massive amount of work and it’s very expensive. Plus, you don’t know if it will work.

The best plans start small. Find what works, then replicate.

Fortunately, Google, Facebook and many other companies provide you with access to local customers.

The goal is not just to build a website, but to expand into a local authority site that will open the doors to new revenue streams.

The key is to just get started.

Here’s what to do:

Each one of the following only takes a few minutes to research.

Free Keyword Research Software1. Keyword Planner – You can open a free account at Google to access the keyword planner. Search for keyword ideas that relate to your niche. If the top 10 most searched keywords have a combined total 30,000 monthly searches, you have a great opportunity. If you find 5 or less with a combined monthly search of 15,000, you still have a solid market. Market Samurai is an excellent tool for researching keywords and your market. It offers a FREE keyword research tool along with training & tutorials.

2. Forums – Go to Google and search your top keywords plus the word forum. Look for top topics that provide a solution to a problem.

3. Amazon – It doesn’t matter whether what market you’re in. The opportunity to build an amazing business is available to everyone and every business. So go to Amazon. Search for books in your niche. Look for the best sellers in the top 50,000 with at least 15-20 reviews. Reviews indicate engagement. Ideally find 4-5 books in your niche.

The purpose is to find the content your target market wants. Amazon books provide the answer. The work and research is already done for you.

Create a spreadsheet with books, best seller rank, keywords they use in their description. Write down other ideas you find for additional niche markets

4. YouTube – Google is the largest search engine, YouTube is the second largest. After you research your niche. At this point, you know the top keywords. You should be seeing a market unfold. In the YouTube search area, type your keywords. Look for the most relevant videos with views of at least 10,000. Ideally look for videos with 25,000-50,000 views.

5. Clickbank – Clickbank is a marketplace for information products. This is another awesome place to look for information people are willing to spend money on. You can open a free account and get access to thousands of information products. Look at 3 pieces of information.

  • Gravity of 15-20 or more. This indicates how many new internet marketers have sold this product for the first time in the past week or so. There is a sorting feature in the Advanced search area to filter results. You can also search by category.

Put the results in your spreadsheet. You can click each result to view their website or sales page. Look at the keywords used in their bold sales points. This will tell you the top keywords these sharp marketers know will sell based on extensive real world results.

  • Price – Look for products that sell for $30.00 – $50 or more. Pricing indicates this market is willing to spend and want this information.
  • Recurring Billing – This is another feature Clickbank provides. This relates to memberships. If there is a membership site, it’s another indication that people want this information.

6. Facebook – Go to Facebook and search for groups in your target niche. If you find groups with 5,000 or more and shares of 50 or more, you know there’s a strong market. Look at the topics being shared and you’ll know what to provide your audience.

If you follow the steps outlined here, you’ll know what your market wants.

Then you can start looking at your local market, who the competitors are and how to start building a plan to get started and how to scale your business to dominate your local market, then expand nationally.

In the next blog, I’ll discuss searching your competition and how to start building your strategy.

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