Step 3 : Get More Clients With Longtail Keywords

What are longtail keywords? If you look at the list below, you will find the process of creating longtail keywords  we used for a client in NYC in the furnished office space market. The list below shows the sequence of how we started with a general keyword and built a list of long tail keywords. #14 is a perfect example.

The result of creating longtail keywords always exposes a business strategy that you will never know until you go through this exercise. I have found this process continually evolves creating new opportunities for your business. Take a look at #14 below. How many other markets and keywords can we target with this plan.

  1. Office
  2. Offices
  3. Office Space
  4. Furnished Office
  5. Furnished Office Space
  6. Short Term Office Space
  7. Instant Office Space
  8. Temporary Office Space
  9. Flexible Office Space
  10. Furnished Office Space For Rent
  11. Furnished Office Space Rentals
  12. Furnished Office Space for Lease
  13. Furnished Office Space for Short Term Rent
  14. Furnished office space with short term rent for investment companies

See how we started with a general keyword and expanded into longer more detailed keyword phrases. These are called long tail keywords. These are money terms. Why money terms? Well it’s been reported that over 65% of all online purchases result from long tail searches.

As online content improves, customers keep searching deeper and deeper until they find what they want.

Want more business? Just do keyword research. It’s easy and fast.

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