Step 1 : What Do You Sell and Will You Be Profitable Online?

When I start working with a new client, there are a few key questions I ask. My main goal “ can we create an online strategy that is profitable?”

There are a few important points to consider online.

  1. Does The Service Provide A Solution
  2. Where  there’s pain there is an online opportunity
  3. What Is The Price Range?
  4. How Large a Geographic Area do you need to be profitable?
  5. How Large a Geographic Area makes business sense?
  6. What are the general keywords  consumers search and how much online competition is there?
  7. How many synonyms are there for your target keywords?
  8. Who is your competition and what keywords are they targeting? Can we beat them online?
  9. What is the blog strategy for the client?

After reviewing the information in these 9 points, I can generally get a good feel for how the client should be able to perform  and how profitable their strategy will be.
Every client needs a different online plan. Local Search Engine Optimization is not a one size fits all practice. Competition online varies.

Google Places makes some strategies very difficult online. Others are wide open. In some cases you may need multiple Google Places (And soon Apple Maps) strategies.
There are some fantastic ways your local business can profit online whether you are a local plumber, dentist, attorney or a large regional or nationwide company targeting customers in local markets.

Local Search Engine Optimization can create exciting opportunities for growth .

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