How To Write a Case Study and Get A New Client Today

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NQF LogoOne of my first clients who was bold enough to buy into my story about getting #1 ranks on Google was Tom from Madstone Floors.

Here’s the story – Tom is an artist who started creating unique and artistic floors on concrete over 10 years ago in the Boston – Providence area. Problem was that he could never get enough projects since his work was only word of mouth. He and his crew traveled anywhere they could for work frequently staying in hotels far away.

case study words in wood typeHe is talented. He is passionate about his work. But that was not enough, he needed a steady flow of new customers. Since each project takes less than 1 week with little repeat business, he needs 50 new clients per year. Ideally he needs 50 new clients with 2,000 – 3,000 square foot floors. That’s the sweet spot for his business.

The Problem – 50 new clients every year coming in at a consistent rate with floor requirements of 2,000 – 3,000 Square Feet. These end up being retail stores, restaurants, spas. art galleries, office spaces. Add one more issue, he needed them in the Boston to Providence area.

The Solution – Website with blog. Blog was written once per week with a case study. Case Studies describe the scenario, the problem and the solution. They are very easy to write, customers relate and it’s what customers search for online, answers to problems. Madstone Floors provides solutions to flooring problems.

Every week Tom would email me a list of bullet points and photos. The points would include a location, type of client (restaurant, retail ) problems and the solutions.

I followed a format and it worked like a charm. The first projects came 3 months after we started and increased consistently. ┬áLot’s of 2,000 – 3,000 floors. Tom even found customers calling him for requirements he never knew existed.

As new niche markets opened in his backyard, we targeted new keywords to get more of that business by diversifying keywords and geographic terms. Tom’s business Madstone Floors is now an extremely well known business in his local area.

He’s found for almost every possible search on Google. He dominates his market.

I think to this day, Tom thinks I did some kind of voodoo marketing, but the reality is, it was just a 25 minute blog, once per week, using keywords the way Google and customers like.

No matter what business you are in, no matter how small or large, this is the formula. You just adjust the strategy and frequency to capture what you need.

How much business did Madstone Floors get off this strategy? I don’t know the exact number but when we started, gross revenue was in the ball park of $200,000 +/- and last we spoke he was 6 +/- times that amount.

No wonder everyone now wants a piece of local.

Below is a sample of a Case Study from Madstones site.

madstone 1

madstone 2

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