Step 2 : What Are The Most Profitable General Keywords That Your Customers Search

Most people just do quick keyword research overlooking huge opportunities. Their keyword research is based on what they think customers want not what their customers actually wants. They think about the most highly searched keywords. So does everyone else. But that’s not where the profit is and that’s not how keywords work.

Today marketing is demand driven. If you don’t do keyword research in depth, then you are approaching online marketing like the old days when creating brochures. Those days are gone and competitors who think like that are easy to beat.

A simple example is the word “Concrete”. No concrete contractor wants the word “cement” anywhere on their web site. However, the concrete contractor who understands the power of online marketing and what their customers want (not what they think they want) would utilize the word cement along with concrete. Cement has no online competition and is wide open.

With this concept in mind, what are the keywords your customers search. Go to the Google Keyword Tool. Look at the highest searched keywords, then look at the least searched. The lowest searched keywords will provide you with an idea of how people search.

Then go back to the keyword and pick a few of the most searched keywords and do a search for them. You will start to find derivatives of your original keywords.

This is the process. Keyword research never ends. The more you learn about keywords, the more ideas you’ll come up with. NicheQuest clients have come up with keywords and new, profitable markets even after a few years of online marketing.

Internet marketing is all about keywords. Keywords teach us what customers want, they define your business message, online search, social media and word of mouth marketing.

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