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Welcome To Niche Quest – Building your niche market using keywords, content, web sites, blogs, link building and social media.

Niche Market ConnecticutMy name is Ed Winslow. I am one of the founders of Niche Quest. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Finding Your Niche Market

If you are a small business owner you can capitalize by marketing your business online. Local markets present a significant opportunity for those who committed to navigating online marketing. Our job is to understand your business and help you find the prosperous path. We provide the guidance plus the tools to make it happen for you. Then, once you start seeing results, we’re there to help you expand.

There is a tremendous amount of customers looking for you online. If you’re not visible, you might as well be invisible, because your customers will hire or buy from those they find online, who have the right message.

Many of our customers have been able to build businesses and reach niche markets that would not have been possible without the right online strategy.

All Successful Companies Specialize in a Niche Market

It seems simple. Do one thing really well and market your brand. Today niche market strategies have changed but the concepts are still the same.  The tools, like optimized websites, blogs, online newsletters and social media working in harmony will grow a small business exponentially. Small businesses can overtake midsized businesses. Midsized companies can overtake large businesses.

The key today is defining your niche market and using all these great marketing tools to expand.  But it’s not that simple. One of the problems with every business is how to generate more customers. The biggest problem with an effective online and social media strategy is what happens when you start getting too much business.  You might think this is a good problem. However, if you can’t execute, you can damage your reputation, and that can be harder to recover from than not enough business.

Creating Online Systems To Manage Your Niche Market

There is no doubt that the internet and social media can produce huge results. They can also put those who don’t market themselves properly out of business.

So where do you start? We help businesses identify their niche market starting with keyword research. Start by identifying the profitability of your business. What is the profitability of your service? How many projects or sales do you need? How many do you want?

The next step is to identify the keywords your potential clients search for online.  Don’t just look at the most highly searched,  general terms. Look deeper at the longer, less searched keywords. This will tell you what your prospects are thinking about, what their problems are and how to start the process of branding your niche market.

From there you can start creating the content for your website, providing what your customers want. Not what you think they want.

Building Your Niche Market Content That Converts To Sales

I have learned this by trial and error. You will be found by a buyer for your service or product when you rank high on the search engine. You will get the business when you deliver the content that your customer searches for. The more educational  the content, the more credible your business. Education and credibility produces better clients and more profitable sales.

Keywords are the foundation of your niche market and your entire marketing strategy. Keywords help you market your niche both online and offline.  When you veer off track, keywords pull you back. Keywords help you stay focused and efficient. They are the key to your growth.

Websites, Blogs and Social Media Solutions

I started using the internet about ten years ago. My knowledge was limited when I started.  I knew that it was going to turbo – charge some businesses and put others out of business. I spent years experimenting and studying the feedback from my clients. Today I speak with business people nationwide. Those who have developed strong online exposure are getting all the business. Those who don’t have online exposure get none.

Many professionals who have relied on word of mouth for years are seeing their pipeline of new business dry up like water in a desert. Their clients are searching online. If they don’t find you, the perception is that you don’t exist, your credibility is diminished.

If you need an online plan for your niche market, we may be able to help.  A little research and we’ll know if and how we can help you.

Our business is based in Connecticut but we can help you wherever you are. Call me at 203-762-1366 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you. We’ll get you on the right path to building your niche market.

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