What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Google Plus

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What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Google Plus

What Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Google Plus

If your website is not producing leads or not enough of them, there are 2 main things you need to know to get your site attracting new customers.

1. Page Content – Every page needs to focus on 1 keyword phrase. Then you need to write your page content including 15-20 key ingredients Google looks for and are enticing to your site visitor. Without proper content, Google will not know what your page is about and either will your potential customers.

2. Inbound Links – Links within your site and inbound links from quality sites have always been a valuable part of getting your site pages ranked on Google. Links are like votes. Relevant links from reputable sites indicate that your website content must be worthy of outranking your competitors.

So page content and inbound links are the key to success online for every business. If you want clarity on the formula for your business, grab the free ebook above.

Google Plus, Google Plus Local and Google Places and What You Need to Know

Google Places and Maps has been around for a few years. Google provides 5 keyword categories for your Places page and no more than 15 words making up those 5 categories and no more than 4 words for any single category. That means if you have 4 words in one category, you need to add 2 words to another category. For example – executive suite rental agency = 4 words, furnished offices = 2 words. A tip is to try and use a different word among the 15 you are allowed. Think keyword combinations. How many keyword combinations can be created just with – executive suite rental agency and furnished offices? At least 20. Follow the formula and the results grow exponentially providing hundreds of ways your customers can search to find you.

Google provided this tool for a reason. They know the majority of people search for what they want in their local area. This means, the more ways you can found in local markets the more customers you will attract. There is a simple formula for getting your local results to appear ahead of your competitors. One way is to use Google Places, Plus and Plus local aligned with your website.

I am seeing extraordWhat Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Google Plusinary results for my clients when the program is built properly. The first step is to set up your Google Places page utilizing as many relevant descriptive keywords and geographic terms as possible. Google is not a mind reader, you have you provide the appropriate information.

The next step is to set up your Google Plus Page and Google Local page. Keep all your descriptions and keywords exact and relevant. When you upload photos, create a description using your Google Places Citation (business name, address and phone number exactly as it appears in your places account).

Google Plus is a social network like Facebook but with robust features. You can update with social messages (posts), upload photos and imbed your YouTube videos. You can even make videos using Google Hangout on Air.

The biggest benefit is how Google ranks your business when using these tools properly. If you want to grow your business of any size whether 1 employee or 1,000, Google Plus, Places and Local are the biggest opportunity I’ve seen in a long time. I seriously suggest you get started today, right now. However to make it work your web pages and blog posts need to follow the simple content formula outlined in www.nichequestformula.com .

If you need help or have questions, post them here or at our Google Plus page and I’ll help you with what your need to know about capturing new customers with Google Plus and Local.

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Edward Winslow

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Edward Winslow
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