Video Options

This page is designed to assist our clients in selecting video themes for their NicheQuest videos to be used in their NicheQuest Sites.


We have created a very simple video to demonstrate how the different themes lay out the content. Each theme has a different song added to the video. By changing the music selection the video theme will be modified also. A faster song will have a more upbeat video presentation than a slow jazz song. The combinations are almost endless. To make the process go smoothly and quickly, we recommend that you select a THEME and let us select the music. Just let us know if you want something upbeat, classical, rock or even pick one of the ones here on this page. Many clients get “stuck” with the options here. Our recommendation is to just make a selection and move on.


Here are your choices







“Water Color Sea Shore”

“Light Panes”

“Color Fold”


“Proof Sheet”

“Paper Array”

“Hovering Drift”

“Glossy Glide”

“Infinite Collage”

“Dusk Retreat”

“Wonderland of Snow”



“Vintage Voyage”

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