Step 6 : Creating Your Mobile Ready Local Website and Blog

Once we have identified your website blog strategy and have assembled all the target keywords and Geographic markets it’s time to develop the website and blog.

Websites today need to be mobile phone ready since a large percentage of internet users are searching with their smart phones.

We believe in simple, clean websites with design that does not dilute your message. Phone numbers and contact forms need to be easily accessible. Your message needs to be clear on each page. Search engines look at individual pages not just your home page. Your customers search for what they want.

When they click a link on a search engine they are taken to a relevant page on your site or blog. You only have a second to grab your customers attention. If your visitor does not find what they are looking for, they will click off your site and be gone.

Important Website Features

  1. What You Do
  2. Where you Do It
  3. Your Phone Number
  4. Contact Form

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