Step 5 : How To Write Website Content To Produce Profitable Results

Writing content that Google and other search engines reward is different than the way we learned in school. There is a list of criteria that when followed will help you beat the competition and get excellent ranking results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  We have also found that this writing strategy defines niche markets having a profitable effect on your social media and word of mouth marketing.

Following is a Guide;

  1. Permalink – Each permalink (page URL) should have target keyword
  2. Title – Page Title Should Have Keyword and be 60 Characters or Less
  3. Heading 1,2,3 – These are also referred to as H1, H2, H3
  4. Keywords – Use in beginning of content, middle of page and in last paragraph
  5. Content – Pages and Blogs should be 300 words.  There are exceptions
  6. Photos – Photos need to be tagged with keyword
  7. Title Tags – 60 Characters
  8. Meta Description – 160 characters or less
  9. Meta Keywords

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