Step 4 : Make Money With Local Longtail Keywords

The next step is the process of identifying the local geographic areas to match with your longtail keyword phrases.

This step starts to open up tremendous opportunities for new business. Geographic terms include town, county, state and zip codes. This can be expanded into neighborhoods, street names, proximity to landmarks.

For example a local money term for furnished office space is  – furnished office space near Wall Street. Or for a real estate agent – Waterfront Homes For Sale in Belle Haven, Greenwich CT

Google, Apple, Facebook and More All Fighting for Local Markets

How we know this at NicheQuest? We started experimenting with local marketing in 2006. Most people shop locally. They buy near where they live. Home and business owners purchase services from local suppliers.

What we provide is not theory, it is the result of countless trial and error to come up with local online marketing strategies that you wouldn’t know existed unless tried, failed, corrected and succeeded. Local strategies are constantly evolving.

We’re constantly looking for new keywords and niche markets.

Local SEO Tip – Making More Money With Longtail Keywords

A few years ago I wrote a blog for a contractor who just completed a project at a new Chinese Restaurant with a takeout menu.  Knowing the new restaurant didn’t even have a website, by targeting the restaurants name, I knew it would be easy to rank at the top of a Google search. I also knew customers would search online for the restaurant phone number to place an order.

With this in mind, I wrote a blog serving two purposes

  1. Provide the phone number
  2. Provide information about construction of restaurant, features and contractor who did the project.

The Result – The post ranked #1 on Google easily within 5 minutes. When customers came into the restaurant, they knew about the restaurants renovation from the work mentioned in blog post. They knew who did the work and where to call. Contractor got a ton of calls and plenty of new business. All from one blog post.
How did I come up with the idea? It’s the quest for the niche and how to always find a profitable edge.

There are many awesome keywords that have zero online competition. You just need to know how. This is what we do for our clients at NicheQuest.

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