Stamped Concrete – Case Study

Stamped Concrete – Case Study

This client was paying for all their traffic. Between Pay-per-Click and network advertizing, they had a very high cost per lead. They had to pay to be in the advertising world because they could not rank “organically” in Google, Bing , Yahoo or the other search engines.

We changed that for them. By having a website that is targeted and optimized “the right way” we were able to cut their average cost per click in half. This is possible due to the fact that your Google Adwords ads are ranked on several factors. One of the main factors is what Google thinks the clients experience would be in the prospect clicked on your ad. By having a NicheQuest website this client saw their Ad rankings jump from 2-3 to 8-10 allow them to rank hirer in the ads for half the money. They decided to get their budget the same. This allowed them to get TWO times the leads through their Adwords Campaign. This also doubled their business.

“If I didn’t get a single lead from our NicheQuest website, it would have been well worth having it because we got double the value on our Google Adwords Campaign” – Rob S. Owner


But, at NicheQuest, we want to help our client dominate in their local market. Take a look at the results this client is getting…







In the previous example, you can see that this companies ranking are #1 & #2 organically. His ranking in the third spot is on a paid directory.


What good is Ranking on the search engines? What good is it to have “traffic on your website”? We hear this all the time when we talk with new prospects. They have been told for years by their “web company”. We believe that we should be held accountable. To that end, we add a unique tracking phone number to our internet efforts. That way, our client KNOW if we are worth the investment.

Below is an actual report for this client. We know that a if a call lasts more than 90 seconds, it is long enough for it to be converted to an actual lead. A wrong number only take a few seconds to hang up from.

Image if YOUR company got 49 calls in 30 days that stayed on the phone with you for and average of TWO minutes each. What would that be worth to your bottom line?


Call we get these same results for you? It would be reckless to answer YES to everyone. We only work with ONE comapny in an area for a keyword because there can only be one number one. Call us for a complete analysis of your current plan as well as a detailed look at your competition. After we look at those two things we KNOW if we can get you to the number one position in your market.


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