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What Can Local SEO Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Do For You?


Wilton CT local SEO servicesAs one of the largest companies in the world, Google earns the bulk of its revenue from pay per click advertising. Our client results indicate that pay per click traffic is about 10 to 15 percent of site traffic, organic search about 70 to 80 percent and the balance from direct searches.

What we are also seeing is that small businesses who have relied on word of mouth business are struggling or going out of business. Those with a strong online presence are swamped. They can’t keep up with all the business.

The answer to the question about what search engine marketing can do for you is that if you don’t have a competitive online presence you don’t get business; however, if you do have an active presence, you’ll receive lots of business. Even better yet, you can define your niche online so you get exactly the business you want, not just business that comes along.

Without a competitive online presence, you’re losing business.


How Word of Mouth Has Changed

Word of mouth has been and always will be a powerful way to spread your message. However, word of mouth doesn’t work day after day, 24/7. What is happening today is that customers are getting word of mouth overload. You may have been recommended 6 months ago but you client was only 99% ready. Maybe they even met with you and received a proposal.

Today they are ready to go. What does you prospect do? They search online and hire the company they find. That’s your competitor. It happens all the time. Just because you are the best at what you do doesn’t mean you are going to get the business. If you don’t have a quality presence and follow up program, you will lose. It’s not the recession, it’s that you can’t be found online.

Local SEO Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Gets You The Business You Want, Not Just business

SEO optimization services New Canaan CTOnce you have defined the most profitable (and enjoyable) part of your business, the next step is your keyword research. Find the terms that are the most relevant to your business. Don’t just look for the most searched general terms. Look for the “long tail keyword phrase”. That’s the term that is more descriptive. For example the term Keyword is searched 9 million times per month. That’s very general. A better term for conversion to a sale might be keyword suggestion tools or keyword generation tool. These terms are searched a few thousand times per month.

For a company like Niche Quest who provides keyword research, keyword selection, content writing, web design and article marketing, those terms are valuable.  We build optimized web sites, not just web sites. When a consumer comes to our site they get an education. If they are interested they will call or e-mail us. We have a niche. We provide a specialized service. A lot of consumers will not call us but the ones who want what we offer will. This makes our business very efficient. We spend more time doing what we do best and we get better at it. That leads to word of mouth and people can find us.

Local SEO Optimization is Our Niche, What’s Yours?

New York City SEO ServicesWhether your business is search engine optimization or you are a flooring contractor, architect, designer, real estate investor or mortgage agent the same strategies apply.

Let’s use an example. If your business is residential mortgages you likely work in a geographic area. Yes, your niche is residential mortgages, but your client probably doesn’t know much about them. So they are going to start searching. They are not going just check mortgages, they will start checking all kinds of terms until they find what they want. When they start, they probably don’t know what they want. Likely they’ll start searching general terms. Then they keep searching, picking up bits and pieces along the way.

Once they get an idea of what they want they’ll start searching within their State, county or local towns until they find what they want. If you have a quality designed web site with educational information built around keywords, your potential customer will stop. They will stick. Even if they leave to do more searches, they will find you again and again, today, next week, next month and 6 months from now.

They might even sign up for your newsletter. Even if they don’t get a mortgage they may tell a friend. That friend may be doing some searches and keep finding you. They’ll remember their friend told them about you. And you’ll get the business and more of it as time goes on. And the beauty of this strategy is that your competition won’t be getting the business.

Get Found on Google, Yahoo & Bing

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