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I know the selection of the right keywords produces sales. Well, not exactly. Choosing the right keywords, then building your website with the right content and layout, produces sales.

Keywords teach us a lot about our business. General terms teach us the size of our market. The more detailed keywords, called Long Tail Keywords, teach us what consumers want. Our goal is to give the customer the information they want.

So let’s take a look at the Google keyword tool and start doing some research. The process I’m going to be explaining over the next few weeks applies to every business.

Today I’m starting work on a site for Hudson Concrete of NYC. Hudson is a high end specialty contractor. They apply decorative concrete coatings on floors.  They also do concrete polishing.

The most logical term to search is floor, decorative concrete floor, concrete floor or concrete polishing. That’s where we start. Customers start searching general terms. Then, like all of us, they start narrowing their search.

Here are a few terms that I found.

  1. Concrete Floor
  2. Restaurant Floor
  3. Store floor
  4. Retail floor
  5. Dog Kennel Floor
  6. Medical Floor
  7. Hospital Floor
  8. Showroom Floor
  9. Warehouse Floor
  10. Industrial Floor
  11. Garage Floor
  12. Parking Floor
  13. Auto floor
  14. Car Floor
  15. Truck floor
  16. Church Floor
  17. Office Floor
  18. Mall Floor
  19. Food floor
  20. Station Floor
  21. Marine & Marina Floor
  22. Non slip floor
  23. Commercial kitchen floor
  24. Stadium Floor
  25. Concrete Floor repair
  26. Epoxy Repair
  27. Polished floor
  28. Cleaning floor
  29. Waterproof floor
  30. Floor grinding
  31. concrete stained floor
  32. Gallery floor
  33. Lab Floor

And you thought a floor was just a floor. I’m going to use every one of these terms and a lot more to build this website.  Why? Because we know that people search for specific floor types that relate to their use. Within each one of these 33 terms above, there are 50-100 related additional keyword phrases. There are 2,000 – 4,000 terms that relate to this niche. As I find them, I’ll be putting them in an excel spreadsheet and save them in a file.

I’ll choose the most relevant phrases from within the  listed terms and start laying them out by category.

Getting Hundreds Of Top Google Positions

I’ll get into it in a later post but we can only use 2-3 keyword phrases per page along with the towns, cities and states we plan to target.  If we abbreviate states like NY or NJ, we can fit in more than if we type out the full name like New York or New Jersey. More people search abbreviated states than type the full name. In this case, the terms we are optimizing have very little online competition.

Since we’re targeting 4 states – NY, NJ, Pa, Ct that means 133 possible Google positions. That is ultimately what we want, hundreds of Google positions (plus Yahoo, Bing and MSN).  By implementing a blog and article marketing strategy, that number will grow exponentially. Google learns. When Google regards your online strategy as the best information in your target market, they reward you with top placement. The reason is that Google is an information provider. The better the quality of information they provide, the more people will search on Google.

Here’s What I’m Thinking About

  • What people want to know.
  • Pro’s and cons of each.
  • How they are installed
  • How long the process takes
  • How to maintain each floor
  • Color Options

Then I’m going to start defining where Hudson Concrete is going to focus. New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Boston, Phily.  Considering the amount of keywords, I’ll be thinking about how much business and what kind of business the internet will produce.

Optimizing these terms in all the major Metro markets may be too large. In many cases 3-6 towns may be more than enough. It depends on the niche you’re after.

I also have to research how much online competition there is in each market. One thing for sure, people start with general searches, then they narrow their search to local areas. Narrow searches result in a conversion to sale over 65% of the time. That’s why local optimization is so profitable for small businesses. And as you will see, a directory listing will not convert to a sale unless you deliver what your customer wants.

Tomorrow we’ll go over the website categories and how I’ll start developing optimized web content. Let me know if you have any questions. 1-203-762-1366 or click Contact Us and send me a note.

Step 2 – Click Here

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Edward Winslow
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