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Marketing your niche business is like organizing an orchestra and you are the conductor.  The most important component for developing your orchestra and creating harmony  are researching and understanding the keywords and keyword phrases that define your business.

Keywords are the basis of all online Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), social media and word of mouth marketing.  The way we market ourselves today has shifted. The internet has empowered customers. They, like all of us, search for what they want. Our goal is to give them what they want, not what we think they want.

Delivering your message starts by knowing what your customer is thinking about when they are sitting at their keyword.

How To Do Keyword Research

To develop your marketing campaign you need to start searching for the keyword phrases that relate to your business. Google has an excellent keyword tool. There are others like Word Tracker that are excellent as well.

It’s important to understand that keyword search results are not 100% accurate. I optimized a keyword phrase relating to Graffiti Removal that Google said was searched for  2,000 times per month. I thought I’d be selling tons of a Graffiti removal product. I did everything right and ranked #1 – #3 on Google for months. I never received more than 100 visitors a month.

What I did find was that to nail the Graffiti Removal niche meant optimizing lots of keyword phrases and dominating the online search.

I talk about this throughout this site and implement this idea when build optimized sites. Start by creating a list of thousands of keyword phrases. The most searched terms are not the most important. The most searched terms are general and indicate the size of a niche. It’s the longer, more descriptive words that tell us what customers are thinking about.

For example the term marketing is searched for 68 million times per month. But that is a general term that is meaningless for a niche marketer. The term internet marketing is searched for $2.7 million times per month  and internet online marketing is searched for 135,000 times per month.

Localizing Keyword Research and Development of Your Niche

The problem here is that internet online marketing has 39 million competing web pages. There is not a chance you and I can rank in the top 5 for a Google search. There is a good chance that of the 135,000 searches a month a few are probably in Connecticut where I live. There is also a good chance that someone might search Ct or Connecticut Internet Online Marketing. Well, it just so happens that there are zero, yes zero, competing web pages for that term.

Now that’s an exciting concept. If there is no local competition in the internet marketing niche, imagine what local optimization can do for your business. That’s where consumers are searching, they search in niche markets and they search local.

Typically a search starts out general and gets more refined within a state, county , city or town.

Build your website or blog content using these keywords and you will deliver what your clients are searching for and you will see a conversion to sales.  Think keywords for your pay per click campaigns as well as social media and word of mouth.

Don’t just rely on word of mouth since 85% of customers today search online. No matter how good you are or how well you think people know you, they search online before they make a decision.

Optimizing Keyword Phrases in States, Counties, Cities and Towns

Like I mentioned,  using a state name like CT or Connecticut has little competition. The strategy works in more defined areas like cities and towns. Let’s use roofing as an example. Roof is a highly searched term. A consumer may search in a local town like Norwalk Ct. They might search Norwalk roof, or Norwalk roof repair, Norwalk Roof Leak. I’m not a roofing expert but other terms that might apply to a roofer are chimney repair or leak, gutters, gutter repair, roof flashing repair, roof repair companies and so on. Even for roofing, a specialized niche, there are likely over 1,000 keyword phrases. The more these terms are used in your website the more positions you will rank for in your target niche market.

If you have local niche business there is no completion online and this is where your customers are searching.

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