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When you decided to build an internet presence with your website or blog, did you know that it would take time and effort to really help it reach its full potential? To connect with local customers in your home community, you need the latest tools to help you meet your marketing goals.

If you sell or market a product or service, then Amazon Local is one of the tools that you should definitely consider as part of your local marketing strategy.

Websites are Not a Build and Forget Kind of Tool

Amazon LocalHopefully, you aren’t like many small business owners, who take the Kevin Costner Field of Dreams approach that “if you build it, he will come.” That’s an interesting notion but not a realistic picture of what it takes to get new customers and ultimately make money from your website efforts.

Focusing on actionable steps is really the only way to build website traffic and grow your search engine ranking. The Niche Quest Formula teaches you step-by-step how to create a blog and bring customers to your virtual and real world locations. Online tools such as Amazon Local further help you to quickly reach your goals.

How will Amazon Local Help My Business?

According to Amazon, there are over 215 million active users on the site. Imagine harnessing the power of the Amazon brand to bring credibility to your business. That’s what happens when you use Amazon Local to offer potential customers your product or service.

Amazon sends emails to customers in your local area and features your special promotions to these potential clients. Here’s an example of what customers receive by email:

Email Example from Amazon Local

But that’s not the only way that potential customers learn about your offerings. Visitors to the Amazon Local website may input a zip code to pull up special offers. That means they may use the site to obtain offers in their home zip code. There’s even potential for using the zip codes of areas where you’ll be for an extended period such as on vacation or traveling for business.

The customer site features category offers for:

  • Restaurants, Bars & Pubs
  • Entertainment & Travel
  • Shopping & Services
  • Health & Beauty

Offer Site from Amazon Local

As you can see, there’s plenty of room in these promotional categories to cover a wide range of small businesses including yours. Customers may also download the Amazon app for Android or Apple devices.

Why Use Amazon Local?

Amazon is very clear in their business website about the benefits of using this product.

  • Find new local customers
  • Increase company revenues
  • Customer-focused service
  • Brand enhancement

The potential to vastly expand your customer base with tools such as Amazon Local is huge. The brand lends credibility to your business as it brings new customers and the opportunity to build repeat customers for the future.

A majority of your prospects and existing customers are probably already using the Amazon platform. Local promotions further enhance the strength of your product, service or website offers. And as we teach in the Nichequest Formula, targeting specific local keywords helps you reach the local customer as you build your website traffic, rank and sales.

Have you used Amazon Local for your business? We’d love to hear about your experience so please share with our readers in the comments section below.

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