Strategy – Your customers are searching for what they want. The internet is all about the customer and being in front of them where they search. New customers don’t come from general keyword searches, they come from educated customers who with a click can find exactly what they want. Our goal is to help you build a strategy targeting those niche terms where the educated buyers are and your competitors are not. Face it, if they don’t find you, they will find your competitor.


Keyword Research – This is not the Yellow Pages. Customers don’t search anymore like they used too. The goal to day is to create keyword combinations that results in hundreds of search results for the words your customers type on their keyboard. Your customers are typing in questions and queries. They are looking for answers. We help you find the words based on actual demand using many different sources. The Google Keyword Tool is a source but so is Yahoo Answers and Amazon to mention a few.


Content – Our writers don’t just write content, they write content based on over 15 different proven criteria that appeals to consumers and also the search engines. Keyword driven content is used not just on web pages but also blogs, videos, photos, press releases and articles. We implement your keyword strategy giving your customers what they are searching for.


Blogs – We build sites with blogs built right in where you can take advantage of the NicheQuest Formula. They are easy to update once per week, daily or even 10 times per day. The more blogs you post online, the more business you will get.


Inbound Link Building – Need help with your articles, press releases, directory submissions, videos and social bookmarks, we can help. Inbound links when created properly improve your online reputation while driving targeted customers to your website and blog.


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