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Creating your online marketing strategy starts with designing your logo. Your logo is a critical step towards creating your unique identity.
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Steps Involved in Creating Your Logo Design

  • What is Your Niche Market
  • List Top Keywords That Relate To Your Business
  • Review Your Competitors Site and Logo
  • Review Logos of Most Recognized Logos, Coke, Apple, Ford etc.
  • What is unique About You
  • Write down images that describe you business
  • How Important Is A Marketing Strategy To You
  • Why is marketing important to you? Why Not?
  • Does Your Business name Describe Your Business
  • Who Is Your Ideal Client
  • Colors
  • Mood and Emotions
  • Sketch Out A Few Ideas

Your logo can go on all your marketing information from Web Site and Blog to Business cards, letterhead, newsletter, vehicles and products.

Once you have addressed the above topics the first step is to create a draft of a few logo styles. Typically the process is to go back and forth 3 times. After that the cost starts going up per step. This is important since without a finite point caused by cost many customers can go back and forth forever on a whim and never come to a conclusion.

While considering your logo it’s important to take into consideration your site design and colors. You don’t want to spend your time and money to develop a logo that doesn’t fit your site.

Niche Quest provides logo design services from offices in Connecticut and Services the NYC to Boston area as well as nationwide.

logo design Wilton Connecticut, CT

Logo Design Connecticut, Ct

Niche Quest specializes in local market search engine optimization and marketing from Wilton Connecticut, CT. We provide business strategies and education for companies who are seeking ways to maximize their marketing exposure using internet marketing tools such as optimized websites, blogs, newsletters, pay per click and social media. Our program starts with logo design, keyword research, keyword rich content, websites, link building, social networking and word of mouth marketing.

From our Wilton Connecticut offices we serve clients locally and nationwide.

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