Internet Marketing Strategies For Hospitals

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Internet Marketing Strategies For Hospitals

Internet Marketing Strategies For Hospitals

Internet Marketing Strategies For Hospitals

After a long conversation today about the changing landscape in the healthcare field and how many doctors and medical professionals are working directly for hospitals, I thought I’d summarize my call.

Like with every business, internet marketing strategies for hospitals start with general and deep niche keyword phrases. Plus there is the local aspect. Hospitals are local, but how big is the local reach? For some niche specialties the local reach might be broad covering a state, numerous states or a few counties. Some niche markets might be very small requiring a reach in a single town or city.

Drafting an in depth and comprehensive internet marketing plan is step #1. Following the core strategies in the NicheQuest Formula will provide the foundation and framework for a multi dimensional strategy. Because of the size and scope of services, hospitals have a unique opportunity to capitalize on keyword combinations and many results from a single effort to dominate for online search.

As explained in the Formula, a plan driven by deep niche keywords, quality content as per what the search engines reward and validated with keyword driven social media posts, articles and press releases will dominate the market. Internet marketing strategies for hospitals follow the same semantic and social formula.

Here’s an Example That Can be Applied to Internet Marketing Strategies for Hospitals

Lets use Headaches as a niche. When someone has a headache they will search for solutions with keywords such as treatments, remedies, natural solutions, medicine to name a few. Then there are various types of headaches like migraines, stress, anxiety, muscle fatigue, tension, chronic and so on. By combining these keywords into longer (Long Tail) deep niche keyword phrases in a web page or blog post, a hospital can capitalize on keyword combinations with numerous semantic search results from a single effort.

A blog title might be Natural Solutions for Chronic Stress and Anxiety Headaches. By creating a blog post with keyword density of 2% and additional quality content components such as Heading tags, proper title tags, meta descriptions, photo tagging and relevant text links to pages or blogs, one post could easily rank for 5 or more searches. Take it a step further and a relevant headache related blog post could also rank for 5 keyword searches. However when done properly as described in the Formula, the keyword combination results in exponential search rankings. Easily 2 blog posts could rank for 25 search terms from just 2 blogs.Apply the Formula over and over and the search results grow exponentially.

When these keyword driven blog posts are added to your social media tools like Google Plus, the message is very defined and far reaching. Keyword driven messages have impact unlike much social media white noise being peddled online which has zero value. In effect, learn from Google how to create a social message that results in word of mouth communication.

I could create volumes just about internet marketing strategies for hospitals, but the plan starts by building a foundation and framework that can be replicated to capitalize on semantic search.

Internet Marketing Strategies For Hospitals – Get The Free eBook.

My experience is that businesses and organizations of all sizes jump in without knowledge of how to get results online. It’s easy to be busy making mistakes all day without anyone noticing. If you are looking for internet marketing strategies for hospitals that produce a meaningful and measurable return on investment, grab your free copy of the NicheQuest Formula eBook. It’s simple and scalable.

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