If All Your Clients Are The Same You Won’t Triple Your Sales

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Online Marketing Pyramid Showing Blogs Websites Social Media And Email ListsLet’s Talk Keyword Combinations and How They Can Triple Your Sales

This morning one of my clients asked if we were targeting the most searched keywords. Truth be told, in local markets, there is no such this as ranking for just one or even a few choice keywords that produce enough quality leads. Google is not the Yellow Pages (The What? When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages?). Your customers search for solutions and every customer searches for something different as it relates to them.

Since you’re here, you likely used Google today. When you searched for something, what did you type? You may have started with a general keyword search, then quickly you absorbed the data you found and kept searching more in depth keywords until you found the answer to your question.

The reality, contrary to what those solicitors are trying to sell you all day long is that ranking for 1 or even a few general keywords will not produce enough leads to justify the expense. Wait. Is that right? Not always. If your toilet leaks, you’ll search for plumbers. But what if your toilet leaks and has ruined your ceiling, walls and floors. Then who do you search for?

Keyword Combinations Are The Answer

One of my first clients is in the Boston Massachusetts to Providence Rhode Island area. I knew keyword combinations were critical from a blog I had started. So, to prove my theory and use  this client as a springboard to more clients, I implemented the system I outline in NicheQuest Formula.

What ultimately happened was the clients website produced 2,000 monthly visits. What was so interesting was 1,950 of the visitors all searched something different and the most searched keyword produced a whopping 10 visits. That means if the client ranked #1 for only the most searched keyword on Google (which they did) they would have only received 10 visits which would never have produced enough leads.

When I looked at the Google Analytics results, I could clearly see that the visitors who searched keyword phrases that were very deep and specific spent the most time on site and looked at the most pages. These were buyers who were likely presold before they ever made the call. That’s a nice lead to get.

What is The Solution to Getting in Front of Your Perfect Client?

The client I mentioned above has a 15 page website with 1 blog per week written over an 18 month period until he said “enough, stop writing the blogs, I can’t handle all the business”. Between 15 web pages and 75 blogs the site produced over 1,950 local search results and a business that went from $200,000 – $1,200,000 in 2 years.

The solution was keyword combinations. The site was built with a clear message defining a specific niche and geographic focus. The web pages were broken down to services within the niche and the blogs focused on case studies using keywords that related to each web page.

The site was created like a book.

  1. Cover – Home Page was Like a Book Cover, It told what the site was about.
  2. Web Pages – These were like a table of contents.
  3. Blogs – These are like the chapters of a book.

The blogs were written as case studies following the keyword formula Google is programmed to reward. Case studies provided many solutions to site visitors problems. By linking blogs to pages and other blogs within site, Google learned relevance of all the content within the site.

Triple Your Sales in Local Markets by Ed Winslow

Ed Winslow

The End Result – Keyword Combinations. Of course the content followed a Google formula with a high quality link building system. But generally this is the formula for every local business who wants new customers. Once you have the foundation, a clear message and a focus for your blog, you can systematically replicate and apply the system on your social media sites. It’s a simple, easy and fast system that will help you triple your sales.

I hope you find this helpful for your business. Leave a comment below and feel free to ask me a question.


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Edward Winslow

Founder, Digital Marketing & Lead Gen Expert at NicheQuest Media
Small business marketing veteran, lead gen expert and founder of NicheQuest Media, Ed Winslow is on a mission to help small businesses position themselves online in order to reach customers searching for solutions and services.
Edward Winslow
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  1. Kate Phillips says:

    I was just trying to explain this at a team meeting for a company I blog for… that not only am I looking for long-tail keywords, but actually, people find us in so many ways it’s not even possible to predict which keywords will bring what result, but there is a cumulative effective.

    Great post. (Except that it refers to other posts as “blogs” when actually, a blog is a collection of “posts!”)

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