How to Write a Local Business Blog in 5 Easy Steps

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How to Write a Local Business Blog in 5 Easy StepsBlogs produce clients. They are the most productive online tool available. Good news for you. Your competition doesn’t know how to write a local business blog. The 5 steps below will show you how. In local markets, competition online for hundreds of niche keyword phrases is very light even in markets like New York City. Here’s an example. If you search with quotes around the keyword phrase, you can see the number of competing pages. Using the keyword phrase – Furnished Offices and Furnished Offices NYC, you can see the results below

  • Furnished Offices – 383,000 competing pages
  • Furnished Offices NYC – 6 competing pages

Local competition is wide open. That’s a keyword phrase that will produce sales. Imagine what you can achieve in your market. Try searching right now for keyword terms in your market with quotes. You will be amazed at what you find. I find niche keyword phrases with little to zero competition for clients every day. You will find that a seasoned blog can rank at the top of a Google search in minutes. How To Write a Local Business Blog   How To Write a Local Business Blog

Write a Local Business Blog – The (Fast and Easy ) 5 Steps

  1. Start With a Keyword Phrase – Let’s say you are in the furnished office space market. Relevant keywords are furnished offices, furnished office space, short term offices, temporary offices, affordable offices, professional offices, executive suites. Then think about where your customer is and what they want. In the furnished office market, customers want a simple, flexible solution without long term commitments. They also want location specific. They might search NYC, New York City or Manhattan. But many high converting buyers will search deeper. They might search near Midtown, East Side, West Side, Chelsea. They might search even more specific landmarks such as furnished office space near Penn Station or Short Term Office Space Near Union Square.
  2. Your Strategy – Your time is valuable and limited. You need a quick solution for writing your local business blog updates no matter what business you are in. Creating your strategy for the long term is critical to writing blogs fast. In the furnished office example in paragraph #1, I listed 7 keyword phrases and 9 geographic terms. That could easily be 500 different blog titles, all with little to zero online competition. What would I write? I could write about each location, the restaurants, deli’s, hotels, transportation. Very simple. With a strategy, you will know exactly what to write before you sit down to write.
  3. Photos – There is no doubt about it, you, me everybody gets engaged with photos. Before you write your blog, choose a photo first. It will make writing a lot easier and quicker when you have a photo to reference. Trying to find a relevant photo after you write takes too much time.
  4. Writing Your Blog – First, set a time on your calendar to write your blog. If you do, it becomes a simple to follow habit. Have your target keyword, a photo and 5 main points you want to tell your reader. Provide an introduction sentence, 5 points and a summary. Shoot for 300 words in blog. If you have an intro, 5 points and summary, that’s 7 paragraphs. That’s approximately 40 words per paragraphs. Simple. Use you target keyword in the first sentence, in the middle of blog and near the end. Use the target keyword phrase 2- 2.5 times throughout the blog post. This is called keyword density. I find, keyword density of 2.25% is ideal. Less than 2.0%, the blogs do not rank as well. Over 3.0% I find weak results. Links to other relevant blog posts helps your reader and shows search engines the relevance of keywords. This is very important for getting numerous search rankings with a single effort.
  5. Localize It – You don’t need to continually mention the geographic area as frequently as your core keyword phrase. I find in most markets, using geographic area in last paragraph works great. I also find that using 5 geographic terms in blog or less gets best results.

If you follow this formula no matter whether you are a real estate agent, lawyer, medical professional or any business targeting local customers you will produce broad local exposure.

This simple formula has produced hundreds and in some cases 1,000’s of top search rankings and a continual flow of new customers. So far it has worked for every type of business, nationwide.

Niche Keyword titles also convert to new customers on social media sites. After you write your blog, post the title on Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In and Twitter.

You can also make a quick video with same title and link everything together.

It’s amazing the niche markets your local business can tap into that you never knew existed or couldn’t reach. Just follow the formula and think in terms of 5 steps.

Everything you do online can be superfast when you apply the 5 step system.

Leave a comment below and tell me if this helps you. Thanks for reading.

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Edward Winslow
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