How To Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords For Your Niche

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According To Search Engine Journal, over 60% of online sales come from the bottom 20% of keywords.  The bottom 20% are the long tail. These are terms that consumers search as a result of an education process.

Think of yourself as a consumer searching for something online. You start out by searching a general term. You look quickly at the results and you process the information. Most likely it’s not exactly what you are after. But you may have learned something. Maybe you see a few words that educate you about your search. So you do another more descriptive search.

If you are really a buyer, you keep drilling down your search until you find what you want. If you don’t find what you’re after, you quit or go onto to something else. But when you find what you want to stop. You stick on that site. Because they have what you want you immediately trust the source.

The only way to capitalize on the long tail conversion is to know your niche. The more you know your niche the more you know what consumers want. Create the content on your site that consumers want and you’ll see a conversion to sales. Even if your site visitor doesn’t buy from you today they might later. That depends though on how well you have defined your niche and how well you have communicated your message.

Dig deep into your niche keywords. Create content that keywords tell us your customer wants. Give your customer what they want, not what you think they want. Thta’s what puts money in your pocket.

Edward Winslow
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Edward Winslow

Founder, Digital Marketing & Lead Gen Expert at NicheQuest Media
Small business marketing veteran, lead gen expert and founder of NicheQuest Media, Ed Winslow is on a mission to help small businesses position themselves online in order to reach customers searching for solutions and services.
Edward Winslow
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