How To Choose High Converting Photos For Facebook Ads

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I’m creating a few Facebook ads and wanted to share some best practices for those trying to figure out how to choose high converting photos for Facebook Ads.

Here are a few tips

  1. Choose Photos with Eyes That look directly at your customer. These are proven to be the best for grabbing attention.
  2. Women Convert Better Than Men – Even when women search, they will click on a womens’ image more frequently than men.
  3. Keep Them Super Simple. I use the word simple to emphasize a point. You have very little space to work with. Less is more with small photos.
  4. Facebook recommends sizes of 1,200 x 627 minimum pixels.
  5. Choose 6 Photos – Facebook allows for 6 photos. Take advantage of this to determine which one converts better.
  6. Logos – For local branding or big brands a simple logo may not get huge amount of clicks but valuable for promoting the brand.

Here are a few photos I am going to try for my next Facebook ad. Let me know which one below you would click.

The Ad will say – Love Local Branding – LIKE US!

I’ll report back with the results.


How To Choose High Converting Photos For Facebook Ads

How To Choose High Converting Photos For Facebook Ads

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