How Social Advertising Affects Your Business

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There’s a battle going on between Facebook and Google for your social advertising dollars. Fortunately, businesses benefit from these two online behemoths fighting for ad market share.

So what exactly is happening with Facebook?

Well, many Facebook business pages have seen drops in their fan engagement. This decrease in fan view is mainly due to the changes in Facebook policy that essentially force business and fan pages into paying to boost their posts. Only a small percentage of Facebook fans see posts in the newsfeed these days. If businesses want their fans to see posts, they must take out ads to increase views.

While this action has upset many page owners, it will definitely weed out some of those posts that simply clog up user newsfeeds with over the top promotion and less than quality content. When pages have to make determinations about which content to promote, fans benefit because page owners are much more likely to only promote content and ads that actually bring value to their followers.

Aside from the fact that new advertising fees also make Facebook shareholders happy, social advertising now becomes an essential element for companies to utilize in their online marketing strategies.

Google Enters the Social Advertising Arena

This past December, Google announced +post ads as a means to create additional engagement across multiple platforms. These ads draw video and photo content from Google+ profiles to serve on the display network for Google properties.

The latest move on Google’s part truly demonstrates how social advertising should be part of every online marketing strategy. Their expansion of +post ad offerings to Google Hangouts means that sites may now create +post ads to include Hangout on air event promotions directly through the ad itself. The ad may feature video from recent events without viewers needing to be there to participate.

With Google supplying a platform for social media advertisements, business owners will need to consider how to add this very viable social media provider to their advertising strategy.

How Does Facebook & Google Affect You?

There’s no doubt that social media is an effective method for increasing website traffic and ultimately your search engine ranking. If you want to make an impact within Facebook and Google, you will need to use Facebook or Google+ ads to reach your audience more effectively.

If you are a beginner just starting out, don’t allow social media concerns to overwhelm you. Create your pages and provide valuable content that your followers or fans will want to share. Link your social media accounts to your website or blog so fans can find you at all your online locations. As your business grows, you will eventually need to use ads on both platforms to increase engagement.

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