Niche Quest is a Digital Advertising Agency – Online Advertising In Local Markets

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

How We Help Our Clients

  • Niche Mining – Uncovering hidden and overlooked niche markets and local strategies for your business
  • Brand Defininition – Brand building based on consumer demand
  • Keyword Strategies – Analysis of Keywords, Page Rank and Competition
  • Content Creation – Keyword targeted pages for search engine optimization
  • Website Development – Sales Conversion sites
  • Landing Pages and Lead Capture – Traffic Conversion for Websites
  • Profitable Business Blogging Strategies
  • Link Building – Article Marketing, Press Releases, Web 2.0 submittals, Forums, RSS, anchor text, IP Diversity, Gov’t & EDU links
  • Google Pay Per Click – Profitable strategies, analytics and return on investment metrics.
  • Location – We are based in Fairfield County Connecticut
  • Our Clients – Our clients are small businesses

What Is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing – It sounds good doesn’t it? But what does it do for you?

If we’re not helping you make substantially more money than it cost to pay us, then we’re not worth our salt. The fact is, we help our clients develop new business utilizing search engine marketing ( SEM ) and optimization.

SEM starts with the use of the right keywords and high quality web and blog content that produces highly visible online positions. Profit producing websites and online marketing are built to deliver what what your customers search for.

SEM includes Social Media utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Blogs, word of mouth marketing and in person, face to face meetings. The more effective you are with SEM and brand development, the more effective your social networking efforts.

SEM Starts With Keywords

Keyword research is the first step. That includes numerous components, not just keywords. Choosing the right keywords that you can rank for is an important part of our research.

Once the right keywords are identified, content is created, then placed on your website. But that alone will not result in search engine rankings. We implement a link building and more specifically, a deep linking strategy. Deep linking is a critical process of SEM. It includes the process of obtaining links targeting keywords on specific, relevant web pages, not just links to your home page. For example, if you want to rank for yellow tennis sneakers and that keyword is on page 10 of your website, you want text links from other sites targeting that particular page and keyword. Link building is the horsepower that pushes your website to the top of the search.

The same process applies to Google Pay Per Click. An ad promoting yellow tennis sneakers linked to the yellow tennis sneakers page will result in a high, quality score from Google. This strategy will enable you obtain prime pay per click positions while paying less for that advertisement than your competitors. This strategy also increases conversion to sale. Keywords, quality page content and relevance are the core of search engine marketing, SEM and brand development.

Though we’re based in Connecticut, our SEM services apply nationwide in every local market. Local search engine marketing is a unique specialty that we have been honing for the past few years, before it became the rage. We work with small companies targeting business in a few local towns, as well as national companies targeting local markets.

Local Connecticut SEM and Niche Quest Experts Working For You

Our business is very defined and specialized. Though the same strategies we apply for our local clients work for large company sites, we choose to stay focused on working with small companies with 20 employees or less. Our clients are very much like us, they are specialized niche businesses that do the same thing every day. We have found that the key to success is to find one niche and do it well.

Our clients are leaders in their local markets, but that doesn’t mean just 1 town. Most need to be found in many towns, throughout the state, or region. A few of our clients require local strategies, nationwide. So while one client may need Connecticut SEM services, another may need to target local Metro markets like Boston and Providence or New York City and New Jersey sub markets.

We work with each client to determine their capabilities and financial sweet spot, then target what their customers are searching for.

Depending on the situation we may recommend a combination of Local SEM and Google Pay Per Click.

We provide detailed analytics and tracking information to monitor the success of traffic to the site and conversion to sale. Over time we will make recommendations to each client and continue to build their online exposure with their offline growth.

Pricing For Web Development and SEM Services

Our goal is to provide online marketing services to our clients over the long term. Pricing for web site development and SEM services are competitive while the financial results are extraordinary. Most clients recoup their initial investment and experience a profit within 3-4 months. In many cases the financial return has been well over 10 times their investment within 6-9 months. We have plans starting at $199.00 per month. We believe in limited financial risk with expansion of your SEM from online profits. Profit, then reinvest with limited financial risk.

Many clients have found that their site was a turning point enabling them to grow during the recent recession while their competitors have struggled or closed their businesses for good.

Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) is profitable!

In a recent quarter Google recorded $9 Billion in sales from Pay Per Click advertising. The reason is that online advertising done right produces profits and virtually every business can benefit.

Our Connecticut SEM business is no exception, online marketing combined with word of mouth has been a solid source of new client development.

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