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7 Steps to Choosing an SEO Company In New York City

7 Steps to Choosing an SEO Company In New York City

What Is Search Engine Optimization and Why You Should Care

In this post I’m going to discuss search engine optimization, what top SEO companies do and review the uniqueness of the Manhattan market. I’m going to hopefully provide you  with ideas that will help you get more customers.

I’ve been developing a local seo marketing company for the past 10 years. Before this entrepreneurial venture I was a real estate broker in Manhattan with a boutique building sales company.  We developed this business one neighborhood at a time wearing down a lot of shoe leather in the process. 

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Focus Your SEO on Going Local with Google Places

Focus Your SEO on Going Local with Google Places

Google PlacesSEO definitely helps your website bring in more sales, but going local with Google Places can make all the difference in your internet marketing strategy.

By its very nature, search engine optimization brings in more traffic to your website. But the ultimate goal of SEO strategy is really to target your audience so that they visit your website and then take the action you want them to take once they arrive.

You may have the biggest audience in the world, but if they’re not interested in your products or services, than SEO isn’t going to help you one bit. The action you must take is to come up with concepts that are relevant to your potential buying audience, create keywords around those concepts and then place them within your website. Those small changes in focus will help you draw in the right kind of traffic that’s motivated to take the action you want.

Optimize Your Website for Local Search

You probably wonder what actionable steps will make the most difference when trying to achieve search results. A great start for every business interested in improving their website traffic is Google Places.

Why Google Places?

Google Places for Business offers something that few online sites provide – action tracking (such as how many people visited your listing), map clicks with directions and data about how many times your listing shows up in search results. Places gives businesses the option to add coupons, offers, images and videos to make listings come alive for potential customers. There’s also a “place” for customer ratings and client references as well. And, Google isn’t the only site offering a specialized listing for businesses. Yahoo! Local and Bing Local are also entering this arena by offering their own versions for business clients as well.

How to Use Listings on Google Places Effectively

Google Places for Local SEO example

Example of Google Places for Business

Want to know if you’re included in Google Places? Simply search for your company name and include the name of your city. For example, if you are a pool & spa company in Hamburg, New Jersey, search for “pool & spa in Hamburg, NJ” to view the search results (see photo at right). When you hover over the results, the column on the right side of the search results in Google displays company information so that you’ll quickly know if your local data is optimized within that keyword selection. If you are not showing up for local keyword terms, then it’s time to focus on updating your Google Places listings to get the most out of your listing.

Also, categories place an important role in helping potential customers find your business. Choose the right categories for your company since you may only add a total of 5 to your Google Places listing. Also, review your competition to find out where they are ranking in search results and see how their category listings compare.

On your Google Places site, include as much information about your business as possible. Keeping potential customers up-to-date with your store hours, phone number, email, website address, videos and coupons not only builds trust, but it ensures that they always know where and how to reach you. Google Places allows up to five videos and 10 pictures.

Ask for Reviews

If you are lacking business reviews on Google Places for Business, ask your best customers to leave a brief description of their experience with your company. You may also want to have them stop by Yelp or Merchant Circle to leave reviews on those sites too. You could even create a special offer for extra discounts on return visits for customers that leave a review. Don’t be afraid to ask for customer testimonials. You want prospects to completely understand the product or service you offer, but you don’t want your page to be all about your sales offer. Let them know right up front what your customers think about your offerings.

Combine SEO Strategies for Better Results

Consider pay-per-click advertising as an additional source to combine with your search engine optimization strategies. Target your local region in your pay-per-click ad so that it matches your SEO goals for local traffic, and you’ll ultimately find that you bring in more traffic with this hyper local targeting using paid and organic internet strategies.

Here at Niche Quest, we talk alot about SEO, but more importantly, our blogs, courses and ebooks teach you to focus your website optimization on going local. The Niche Quest Formula method shows you how to optimize your website for local search because this is the one area where you can bring prospects to your website before they find your competitors first.

Learn more about how about internet marketing strategies that really work by using the Ultimate Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing. Watch our roadmap video below. After you review this step-by-step guide that includes a visual, an eBook and videos, you’ll have everything you need to get the internet marketing results you need to rank your business website.


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How Local SEO Keywords Bring Leads to Your Real Estate Website

How Local SEO Keywords Bring Leads to Your Real Estate Website

Real Estate Local SEO KeywordsWhatever your skill level with creating and marketing your real estate sales website, the fact remains that you need leads.

You can study SEO strategies, attend countless seminars and peruse the latest guru’s blog for tips to increase your website traffic, but absent viable leads, your real estate business is non-existent. Without a fresh flow of homeowner contracts and buyer showings, there’s no action, no real estate contracts, no sales, and of course, no income.

Fortunately, local SEO keywords and search marketing will bring those new prospects to your agent or agency business. When you understand how to properly optimize your site, that traffic will increase search engine rankings until it pours in with just the click of the mouse.

When it comes to traffic, however, the reality for many real estate agents and companies is often a very different picture. Agents struggle with the challenge of promoting their listings and websites. Although the right online marketing strategy promises to help real estate professionals expand their monthly sales volume for homes, knowing where to start, especially for beginners, can be overwhelming.

How Do Real Estate Agencies Build Website Traffic and Leads?

Real Estate SEO Keyword StrategyEvery actionable step with regard to your website traffic boils down to two words: keyword research.

Keyword Research Tools

In fact, researching keywords is so vital to your business that without it, your site will sit on the World Wide Web like a needle in a haystack. No one will see all the great content, pictures or listings that you diligently serve up daily or weekly.

There are various research tools, both free and paid, that you may use to learn about keywords vital to your particular business. But no matter which tool you choose, if you are targeting keywords that have too much competition, your site will never move up in the rankings. You’ll quickly learn that there will always be bigger websites, brands and SEO companies that will outrank your real estate listings for common keyword terms within the real estate industry.

So what do you to do to improve your site traffic using keyword research?

Very simple. Find keywords with low competition. This means that if you live in Florida, you probably are not going to target the term “Florida real estate agent.” The reason is that there will be many larger companies with much deeper pockets. They’ll be able to outrank your site for all major real estate related terms. Instead, as a small agent or broker in the Florida market, you’ll need to get a little creative to come out on top.

Examples of Local SEO Keywords

Let’s say you live and work in Indialantic, Florida. As part of the Palm Bay and Melbourne metro areas, there’s a lot of competition among real estate agents. As a savvy real estate agent, you know you have to build your website ranking to get your site noticed when potential clients search for agents in your area. So what do you do? You focus on local search marketing. That means that rather than targeting a broad term such as “Florida real estate.” You will target more local terms using area names such as:

  • Indialantic real estate agents
  • Brevard County Florida real estate agents
  • Melbourne Beach realtors
  • Satellite Beach real estate agents

Focusing on city + real estate, county + real estate or beach area + real estate brings you hyper local results for people that are searching for homes or listing agents in those areas. There are potentially hundreds of other combinations you may choose to rank your site in the local region. It just takes a little brainstorming and possibly mapping to figure out which local SEO terms to select.

Once you’ve drilled down and discovered these very specific keywords, you’re then ready to fully optimize your site using those terms. Make sure the keywords are included in every part of your website or blog content.

Here at NicheQuest.com, we teach you about all that you need to optimize your site for your niche. If you would like to learn more about how local SEO keywords will bring leads to your site, then join our subscriber list to receive your free e-Book to get you started today.


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Supercharge Your Business Fast With Simple to Make Videos

Supercharge Your Business Fast With Simple to Make Videos

Supercharge Your Business With Simple to Make Videos

Supercharge Your Business With Simple Videos

I’ve been experimenting with videos for 5 years trying to figure out how to make them work for my clients. After much trial error and the inability to create filmed videos here is what I’ve come up with that you can apply starting right now. These videos bring in a ton of new clients and provide a valuable boost in rankings for your web pages, blogs and you can use them on your social media sites  too. They are awesome for every local businesses whether a plumber, lawyer, doctor or real estate broker and many more. Below I show 2 examples. If you scroll down the page, you will see sample rankings, videos and the step by step process I used to get these ranked.

  1. New York City Office Space Provider
  2. Spokane Washington Painting Contractor

First, I would highly recommend downloading the free NicheQuest Formula ebook if you haven’t done so. This guide will provide a step by step road map to the formula we apply to get everything ranked on Google and works like magic with videos.

Lets take a look at Google rankings I was able to achieve for my clients.The videos are posted here too. Down below I list the 10 steps I use to creating the videos and getting them ranked.

Chewelah Painting Spokane Washington – recently I made 10 videos for them. Each video was created around a niche keyword phrase. The one below is Deck Staining Spokane Washington. Note the logo video and how he has position on Google #1,2,3. They also rank for at least 5 other search terms related to deck staining and refinishing. Combine with the other 9 videos and they dominate their local market.

Supercharge Your Business Fast With Simple Videos

Supercharge Your Business Fast With Simple Videos

The NicheQuest Formula as you can see below enabled Chewelah to rank on the first line in Google Images for photos also.

photo optimization chewelah

Here’s the Video. Note that the video Title has keyword and keywords are in individual frames of video. Fairly simple process.

Below are results from Google for Virgo Business Centers a leader in office space and conference room rentals in NYC. They rank at the top of a Google search in the videos category ahead of some very stiff competition.

office space for rent midtown

The video above I made with Animoto a very easy to use video program. I was able to make the video fast with zero video skills and get it ranked in less than 15 minutes following the steps below and applying the content techniques outlined in NicheQuest Formula.

  • Step 1 – Start with Keyword phrase to optimize
  • Step 2 – Organize 10 photos and 10 bullet points (total of 20 frames)
  • Step 3 – Logo – add to first frame and last frame . Last frame should include Citation and website
  • Step 4 – Upload 10 or more photos to Animoto
  • Step 5 – Add 10 bullet points describing your business service or product you are selling.
  • Step 6 – Upload to YouTube
  • Step 7 – Write 100-150 word description for YouTube using the target keyword phrase 1-2 times. Put Citation on Bottom
  • Step 8 – Write a Blog post targeting same keyword phrase 300 words is ideal. Add a photo and embed Video code from YouTube into blog Post
  • Step 9 – Publish Blog post. Then take blog url and paste below citation on YouTube description and click save.
  • Step 10 – Post Video and blog Link to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Super Charge Your Business With Videos Tutorial

Let me know how this works for you? I am working on a tutorial that explains the process in more detail. Let me know if you want the tutorial that shows exactly how you can create 5-10 videos in 1 day and get them producing sales for you. If you grab your free copy of the NicheQuest Formula ebook, I’ll email you with access to the video tutorial.

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Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents – Case Study

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents – Case Study

Hyper Local Marketing – Cogent Realty Of NYC

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local marketing is perfectly aligned with the new algorithm change by Google called Hummingbird. If you are unfamiliar with Hummingbird click here. Hyper Local marketing is without a doubt, the most effective way to attract new customers for real estate agents. Cold calling and networking, the staples of marketing for real estate agents, becomes turbo charged with a hyper local marketing strategy.

The Cogent Realty of NYC Hyper Local Marketing Strategy

Mitch Waldman is the owner of Cogent Realty in NYC. Cogent specializes in commercial office leasing in downtown New York and mid town with a focus on tenant representation. His target market are companies with office space requirements ranging primarily from 1,000 – 15,000 square feet. Though Cogent has the expertise to handle large projects, it becomes very tough to compete against the large commercial companies for big corporate accounts.

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Utilizing a blog, the goal with Hyper Local Marketing is to post very in depth information on his blog about the his target market. The goal is to become a giver of valuable information as it applies to specific geographic locations in NYC.

Information about the market downtown or uptown is easy to find anywhere. But how about the market for Class A or B space near Penn Station as it compares to similar space 10 blocks south near  a neighborhood called Penn South or near Chelsea Park. To a commuter, an office location near Penn Station might be valuable. To someone who lives in Chelsea, an office near Chelsea Park might be a top consideration.

This kind of information is extremely valuable and a great way for Cogent to brand themselves as the best information resource for companies looking for “The Right Space at The Right Price”, the Cogent Realty slogan.

The reason Hyper Local marketing for real estate agents is so important is that consumers are continually searching for in depth information as it pertains to what they want. Google has rewritten their algorithms to respond to consumer demand. Online search is consumer driven marketing. Consumers, like you and me, search for what we want. When we find it we stick. This is what converts to new customers and sales. It’s a game changer.

Hyper Local Marketing for Real Estate Agents following the formula that Google has designed also becomes your social media strategy. For example, Cogent could write a blog post titled Office Leasing Prices Per Square Foot near Penn Station and Chelsea Park NYC or Office Leasing in Loft Buildings For Technology Companies Near Union Square NYC. These 2 titles have a tremendous amount of opportunity for Cogent to attract new clients.

  1. Google Rank – Both titles have numerous keywords and geographic places. Each blog can be found from deep searches many ways. 1 Effort – Exponential Results. The Google Algorithm change makes hyper local marketing for real estate agents an unprecedented opportunity.
  2. Social Media – Each Title is a social media message. Work your blog with niche phrases. This will boost your brand. Word of mouth is powerful marketing but always start with what works on Google first. This is where most people fail with social media. They don’t have a plan and make nothing but white noise.
  3. NicheQuest Formula – This course teaches how to get those pages ranked on Google. You may already be making the effort without results. This course shows how. Click Here NicheQuest Formula

Hyper Local Marketing for Real Estate Agents – Commercial and Residential

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents

The opportunities are huge and untapped for either residential or commercial. It doesn’t matter where you are located whether NYC or Aspen Colorado. Hyper Local Marketing For Real Estate Agents applies to all property types. Luxury homes, 2-4 family homes, apartments, condos, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, NNN investment properties. All you need are the right tools and knowledge and you can definitely become a top producer in your market. The opportunity is wide open.


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