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Employment Lawyers SEO – Demand Driven Marketing

Employment Lawyers SEO – Demand Driven Marketing

SEO for Employment lawyers

If you are an employment lawyer looking for a SEO and Social Media Strategy, this is for you.

Before you build a website or write 1 page of content, it’s worth spending some time upfront building a strong foundation for your marketing if you want your phone to ring.

Demand Driven Marketing Should be S.M.A.R.T.


  1. Specific – Be specific about your target market and plan
  2. Measurable – Your plan should have measures in place to monitor results and efforts
  3. Achievable – Is your plan too big covering too many topics
  4. Realistic – Are you being realistic about your goals
  5. Time – Set Specific Time Goals


Employment Lawyers SEO: Who Is Your Target Client and How Will You Reach Them?

Demand driven marketing is the process of getting in front of your target client for what they want.

Everybody searches online. They search via keywords and phrases that relate to what’s important to them. They search on Google for ads, topics, maps, videos, press releases and news.

Demonstrated in the video above, there are three free tools that you can use in minutes.

As part of your S.M.A.R.T Plan, ask yourself:

  • Who is my target client?
  • What is my target customer worth?
  • What do they need?
  • Where is your customer geographically?


About NicheQuest

NicheQuest is based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization for small to mid-sized businesses.

The NicheQuest process includes keyword research, content development, web development,  inbound link marketing, Google Maps optimization and Press Release Marketing.

The goal is to start with an achievable and realistic plan to produce leads from targeted customers. Ideal customers will expand based on profitable results over the long term.

Step 1. Keyword Research and Online Competition Analysis and website analysis

Step 2. On page Optimization

Step 3. Inbound Links from Authority Websites

Contact us at (203) 762-1366. We are located in Wilton CT, minutes from Westport, Norwalk, Stamford and Greenwich, 1 hour from NYC.

employment lawyers SEO

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SEO Strategies for Photographers

SEO Strategies for Photographers

Want a steady flow of new customers for your photography business?

Let’s start at the beginning. Before your web site, your SEO Strategy, Facebook campaigns, Pinterest, Instagram or YouYube videos, you know what your customers want, what they search for and how to meet their demand.

The purpose of this post is to show you how to build a foundation with your website and social media strategy and attract new customers.

SEO for Photographers: 5 Questions for Planning Your Strategy

Keyword for PhotographersStart by answering the five questions below. I suggest you write down your answers.

  1. How much is your target customer worth?
  2. How many customers do you want?
  3. How many can you handle?
  4. Where are your customers?
  5. What Does Your Customer Want?

Your customers have specific needs unique to them.  When they are at their keyboard, they don’t generally search for Photographers Greenwich CT. They search deeper. For example they may search the following

  • Wedding Photographers in Westport Connecticut
  • Photographers for Corporate Events in Stamford CT
  • Photographers for Family Portraits in Fairfield County
  • Photographers for Graduation Pictures in Darien CT

These are a few ideas I found in just a few seconds by searching online for keywords. This is how people search for what they want. This is the beginning of Demand Driven Marketing and SEO for Photographers.

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SEO Experts in Fairfield County CT: Need Leads?

SEO Experts in Fairfield County CT: Need Leads?

Your Local SEO Guide in Connecticut and Nationwide

Search Engine Optimization is all about one thing…leads.

Getting ranked on Google page one or even #1 on page one is easy. Anyone can do it with a little training, but one keyword is not enough.

The key to generating a steady flow of targeted leads from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local businesses is ranking on Google for hundreds of keywords. And not just any keywords, but keywords that are in demand by your customers.

Consider this: a local contractor gets 2,000 visits per month to his website. The site delivers 100 leads in a month. That’s more prospects than he can handle. But how many times was the most searched keyword searched?

The answer is 10. The most searched keyword brought 10 visitors to the site out of 2,000. In fact, 1,960 of those visitors each searched something different before clicking through to the website.

The reality is you won’t get enough traffic or leads from one good-ranking keyword. You need keyword diversity as well as geographic diversity.

There are exceptions.

Some businesses can get leads for keywords such as Plumber, Nail Salon, Wine Store, Dumpster, Florist. But they are missing out if that’s all they target in one town.

The key to Local SEO ranking starts with a demand-driven SEO strategy based on your business model, value of your customer, the number of customers your business can handle and how far you are willing to travel to a client or the distance they will travel to you.

Let’s not forget your competitors. Is it easy to get lots of exposure on Google or is the online competition fierce?

Good news! There’s always an edge even in the most competitive markets.

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How to Rank on Google in 1 Hour or Less: Real World SEO

How to Rank on Google in 1 Hour or Less: Real World SEO

Despite all the Google changes we hear about, one constant that works for me and my clients continues to be keyword-rich blog posts.

I’ve been doing this for 7 years, and this method still works.

Yesterday was January 12. I wrote a blog post titled Top 11 SEO Strategies for Professional Organizers.

In less than 1 hour, the post was able to rank on Google page 1 for numerous keyword queries.

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Top 11 Local SEO Strategies for Professional Organizers

Top 11 Local SEO Strategies for Professional Organizers

To successfully build your brand and dominate your market, you need a local SEO strategy for your site.

By local SEO, I’m referring to your plan for content marketing on Google and social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Success on these platforms means you’ll dominate your market and ultimately go national with your website. 

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How to Build a Local Business Empire Then Go National

How to Build a Local Business Empire Then Go National

You ever see someone with extraordinary success and wonder, “Why Not Me?”

They don’t seem smarter or better looking than you. You might even have a better personality than they do.

So why them and not you? The simple reason. Your plan. 

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3 Simple Mindset Steps to Turbocharge Your Profits Today

3 Simple Mindset Steps to Turbocharge Your Profits Today

Many of you are seeking ways to increase your productivity and profits. I deal with this same issue regularly myself and find our new and existing clients do the same. I have found most of us fall into 1 of 3 buckets:

  • You’re either making too little money or none at all. Many of us are stuck in a hole trying to find a way out. Some people with this issue have experienced a degree of success in their lives. But for whatever reason they’re stuck.
  • You’re having some degree of success, but you are struggling to scale your business.
  • Or perhaps you’re laboring in the salt mines of your business making a living….knowing you need a better way. You have a business that is working. It’s paying the bills and going OK. However, you need a solution to produce more.
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