5 Steps to Website Success with Local SEO

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Internet Marketing Strategy for Local SEOBetter local SEO ranking is not only critical for businesses with worldwide reach, but it is also effective for companies interested in reaching customers in their immediate area. Local SEO actually helps brick and mortar businesses compete against larger companies. How does it level the playing field for small business to compete against big brands? By leveraging technology to better serve potential prospects in their own communities.

5 Steps to Maximize Your Website & Gain Local Customers

When you take specific actions in small steps, you’ll find that achieving your business goals will be that much easier. Use the 5 steps below to maximize your website efforts and gain local customers for your business.

1) Take Advantage of Google Local SEO

This free service allows you to set up a local business listing with maps for directions as well as your company’s address to make it simple for potential customers to find you. You’ll also want to optimize your keywords in the business description section so that customers searching for your keywords find your company rather than your competitor’s. Take steps to ensure that your Google Place listing images match the same ones you have in your other listings. The same goes for your company’s contact information. The same information and images across all internet platforms helps with branding your business online. When possible, also include video testimonials from clients for an extra effective method of reaching your ideal prospect.

2) Set Up Google Plus for Social Media Sharing

With a Google Plus account, you’ll have a way to interact with your customers. They’ll also be able to write reviews about your products or services. Google+ provides you with the opportunity to leave comments and gain insight into what your clients need. Because Google Plus is a social media service, you may promote special offers and services to your customers. In return, your audience may share posts, which ultimately may lead to page posts going viral and gaining more exposure for your company.

3) Optimize your Website for Local Searches

Review your website to ensure that keywords and meta tags are specific to your local area as well as industry. For instance, if you are a mechanic in San Diego, use keywords such as “San Diego mechanic” or “San Diego auto repair.” These location-specific keywords help potential customers quickly narrow down the businesses in the local marketplace. Long tail keywords (descriptive keyword phrases usually at least three words long) will also bring you visitors that are more specifically looking for what your offers. Don’t forget to focus on your specialties. Always include any products or services that help you stand out from the competition.

By delivering high quality content as you optimize your website, you’ll find that you also benefit from higher search engine rankings. Your content should offer services or information that will keep your clients coming back. For instance, auto repair shops can include content such as regular tips for car maintenance or create posts that answer customer questions.

4) Keep Contact Information Consistent

As mentioned about Google Plus listings above, make sure all your company details remain consistent throughout all your social media profiles, accounts and directory listings. Your branding and reputation relies on providing accurate and relevant information including the exact address of your location, name of your company, website, email address and phone numbers.

5) Design a Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Friendly Websites for Local SearchNow more than ever, people are using their mobile devices to search online. Specific links like your Contact, Product and About Us pages should be enabled so that mobile device users can easily access information. Also note that Flash pages and PDF files are not readable on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly website or blog ensures that you don’t miss potential customers searching for your products or services.

Implement these 5 easy local SEO steps as part of your internet marketing strategy, and you’ll discover that your rankings grow while you gain new customers for your products or services.

Which of these steps have you used on your site? If you haven’t used them before, which ones do you plan to implement immediately? Let us know in the comments below.

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