10 Steps Everyone Needs to Know to Generate Sales Online

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10 Steps Everyone Needs to Know to Generate Sales Online

10 Steps Everyone Needs to Know to Generate Sales Online

10 Steps Everyone Needs to Know to Generate Sales Online

There are unlimited ways to generate sales online for your business. What you may not know is that customers are searching for services like yours everyday, all day. Think about how you find what you want or need. You Google it. Those at the top of a Google search are not there by chance.

Listed below are the 10 steps everyone needs to know to generate sales online. To succeed with your website or social media marketing it’s imperative that you understand these steps. Every tool online is designed with these 10 in mind. This is what Google is programmed to look for because they know that this formula is what triggers consumers to make a purchase, fill out a form or make a phone call. Understand these 10 steps and you will know more than most web developers.

You can apply these 10 steps to generate sales everywhere online.

  1. Permalinks – Each page of a website has it’s own unique url. The url needs your target keyword. For example http:www.nichequest.com/generatesalesonline
  2. Heading Tags – These are referred to H1,H2,H3 – when you write a web page or blog post your Heading or H tags contain your target keyword phrase. The tags indicate what the page is about and connects with the visitor who types in a specific keyword phrase into a Google search. When a potential client has desire or need aligned with their search and they land on a relevant web page, conversion to a sale or lead is dramatically increased.
  3. Keyword Density – This is a critical concept to understand for an content online. Google looks for quaility information online, that includes keyword density. This means your target keyword phrase should be used approximately 2.0 – 2.5% of the time or approximately 2 times per 100 words.
  4. Word Count – 300 words on a page is a rule of thumb sweet spot. However that depends on the competition online of your target keyword phrase. I’ve written blogs of 75 words that still after a few years rank at the top of a search and generate sales for clients. High competition keywords require more effort, even as much as 500-1000 words.
  5. Photo Optimization – You target keyword phrase can be applied to photos in the alt text field and/or caption. If you need to increase your keyword density apply keyword phrase to a photo caption.
  6. Title Tags – These are very important. A title tag is the first line your potential customer sees in a Google search. This is your first point of contact with your potential customer. Include your target keyword in your title tag, use the important keywords in the beginning and use less than 60 characters. Any more than 60 characters and you will not rank.
  7. Meta Description – This is line 2 and 3 below title tag in a Google listing. Use your target keyword in the beginning and use less than 160 characters. Meta descriptions are part of what Google looks for because they know that this is what entices consumers to click to your site.
  8. Keywords – There is a field in a website for listing your keywords. Though not huge impact, I use this field to list my target keyword, synonyms and Geographic areas.
  9. Internal links – Google crawls through web pages from top to bottom and follows links from page to page. Linking pages together teaches Google the relevance of keywords and pages. Follow the formula here, link pages together and your rankings will grow exponentially.
  10. Blogs – Blog posts are a form of pages. Use the formula here to create new pages and expand your keyword diversity. Link to other pages on your site for exponential keyword growth.

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Google Plus is an amazing tool that complements web sites and blog posts. Use the formula here on Google Plus to optimize photos, videos and create links to your website and blog. Grab a copy of our free eBook for more detailed information and tips for generating more sales for your business.

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Edward Winslow
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